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How to become a FM millionaire

I will try to keep this guide as simple as possible, and write it as if you're starting off from scratch. The fastest way to make pure mesos is selling what you already have. But lets say you don't have much, and your current main is only level 50 so you can't hunt for high level items. No problem, there are several ways to make millions without actually hunting. Heres a few:

1) Quests

Yeah, they're boring. I know. But just spending a 15 minutes on a single quest can earn you millions because of the reward you gain for completing it. Now, the MAJORITY of quests are terrible, and you don't get much from it. There are a few that will allow you to get great scrolls and other items. These are just a few of the many quests that give you a good reward:

Collecting Huckle's Magic Ingredients (Level 10)

Easy as pie, and you get 5 Orbis Scrolls everytime you do it, which sell for 200k.

Read The Newspaper! (Level 25)

..You don't even have to do anything and you get a 30% Overall for Dex, which sells for 5.5-7m.

Jane And The Wild Boar (Level 25)

You get a 60% weapon scroll that sells from anywhere from 1m-5m.

Building Blackbull's New House (Level 30)

You receieve a 10% scroll for your class. I suggest doing this as a Thief because 10% claw and dagger can sell upwards of 2.5m.

Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book (Level 30)

Sort of a long one, but in the end you get a Sauna Robe which sells for around 2.5m.

The Lost Guard (Level 30)

20 EOS Scrolls everytime you do it. They sell for around 100-200k.

Okay, so you get the idea. You are able to gather up enough scrolls in just 1 day of questing that will easily make you 10m. There are tons more quests out there that will give you amazing scrolls. Check out the entire database here:

Alright, so you got some mesos and items and now you're ready to become a true merchant. Location is key, I would never go anywhere other than Free Market: Room 1, Channel 1. Though it is hard to get these spot, as a new merchant you can really go anywhere. I'd just suggest ACing a spot somewhere.

Once you get a spot, just sell what you have already so you have a fair amount of pure mesos. Check out prices around you and sell at a similiar price if you don't know the current prices. It never hurts to knock it up 100k. If a scroll sells for 3m, why wouldnt it sell for 3.1? 100k doesn't seem like a lot now, but it adds up.

2) Buy Low, Sell High!

You've heard the expression before, and now its time to live by it. When you first start out you don't want to go crazy and start buying high leveled equips hoping to make 20-30m profit. Start off slow, if you see a scroll that you can make 300k+ profit off of if you resell it, buy it! Best place to do this is outside the freemarket rooms where people are trying to get rid of items if they don't have a shop. Did I forget to mention that you need a shop? Yeah, you do.

Try to buy scrolls that you know are popular. Such as ShoeJump, GloveAttk, OverallDex, and so on. A great scroll to buy is 10% Overall for LUK. These are very rare because they are only obtainable by doing a quest and can upwards as much as 5m.

Once you gather up more mesos, and have been in the market for a little, you'll be able to buy equips to make a bigger profit off of. For example last week I bought a varkit for 15m, and resold it for 30m. Not bad huh?

Keep in mind, you want to make sure you can resell the scrolls and items that you buy, and make sure that even when the taxes are taken out you're still making a profit. There are times where you will be stuck with some scrolls for a week, don't fret though, everything sells sooner or later.

3) Scrolling

I don't reccomend this for those without a good amount of money because it can be costly. Though, if you think you're ready to get more money, then continue to read. Scroll things that everyone needs and can be used by different classes. Attack Gloves are the most common and easiest to sell, but make sure you're making a profit. All servers have different prices, but let's say 1 60% glove attk costs 4m (which it does in Khani). That would be 20m if you don't miss a slot. 10 attk gloves in Khaini sell for around 70. Thats a 50m profit! Not bad huh? :]

BSS (Black Snow shoes) also sell extremely well seeing as thieves are the most popular class in gMS. In

Khaini, you can sell a 3 dex, 6 slot snow shoe for 20m. Thats just hitting 1 10% ShoeJump that costs around 2m.

Capes also sell well, but only certain ones. You'll notice that a 10 dex iracus 2 sells for 20-30m more then a lvl 65 cape with the same dex. Thats because for one, Iracus is lvl 42, and also it gives a speed boost which is very important to bowman/warriors. Also, Iracus capes clean sell for 3-7m clean, those wouldnt be bad to buy for cheap either.

So remember, scrolling is for the risk takers, if you think you have enough money to risk, go ahead. You will lose money here and there because you won't hit every slot, but in the long run if the Gods are with you, you'll come out ahead.

4) Big Sellers

This is just a small list of what some of the most popular items to sell are, and how much they go for normally. Keep in mind, to sell some of these you need to have a good FM spot.

1) Dead Mine Scrolls - 300k
2) Orbis Tower Scrolls - 150-250k
3) EOS Tower Scrolls - 75-150k
4) Dark Crystal Ore - 100-150k

Those are just a few things that are always good to have in stock in your shop, for TONS of people come into FM looking for just them.

So there we have it, my way of starting off becoming a seller in Free Market. This is just a brief (kinda) guide on how to get started, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. :]

Credits to Zyphent aka Zyph of CEF.

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