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How to Smuggle in Maple Story

Ok here are some materials you will need to make smuggling easier:

1. mzbot
2. wired modem

I will use kerning city party quest as an example
Lets say you want to smuggle the 10 passes from the last stage.

1. quit Maple to go to exit stage without pulling your party out also.
2. relog in to the same channel as you party (makes it easier to rush.)
3. drop the passes, make sure no one takes them.
4. Put your cursor over Nella. ( or any other NPC if your doing a diffrent PQ.
5. Grab your wired modem
(next steps require fast timing to do)
6. See that ethernet wire? Pull it out just a tiny bit (so you can plug it back in faster)
7. double click Nella (or the NPC in your pq)
8. plug the Ethernet wire back into the modem
9. press f10 ( make sure you have pickup assigned to the z button.)

If done correctly you'll see on the right side it will say picked up 10 passes but its a little higher than normal text, like if text were under it.


wish said...

good !!!

Matt said...

Got programs and things there. Tutorials how to use them. Etc.