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Log Evador V4 (GMS v.39)

1. Start up UCE
2. Start up Cheat Table
3. Start up Log Evader.exe
4. Select Attach to KiAttack Process. its the button on the evader.
5. Run MapleStory

Note~ Drop The Log Evador Folder into your C:\ Directory or else this WILL NOT WORK!
Note~Dont open the Success and Error.exe files because that can completely screw up the Log Evador, only run the Actual LogEvador.Exe

Open My computer>Select Local Disk(C: )>Add folder there.
Note~Not the RAR, but take the folder out of it.

Also, if you get any errors, simply Run the FixMeUnit.Bat

If the files are Emulated correctly, a Dialogue box will pop up and say You have Emulated.

Good Luck~

For those who dont know what this is, this prevents nexon from logging you.

Please Note~ YOU CAN STILL BE BANNED!!! This just lowers the chance of getting banned.
without Evador 50% chance gettin banned
With Evador 40% chance of gettin Banned~

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