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MZ Bot - no bypass

Here is a MzBot without using a BYPASS!

MzBot v1.2.0 Debug
Okay and also the password is ' ' (a tap of the space bar)

Also here's my TUT of how to work Auto-pot (this works for me):
Mines still works though. Maybe try re-downloading it?

1. Put your MP pots to the 9 button (not the number pad one.)

2. Hover your mouse to the end of your MP Bar, which is on the bottom of your screen.

3. Hold the button 3 (on your number pad) until your mouse disappears (it should disappear because if you don't move your mouse for a certain timing it will disappear)

4. After it disappears press 1 (on your number pad) and start Auto Attack (F11 and your skill on CTR. Ex: Savage Blow on CTR)

5. It should work because thats how I work it though. If it still doesn't work then I don't know man.

NOTE: I don't think this works with Laptops...or does it O.o-->By that I mean the TUT for Auto-Pot doesn't work for laptop...!
- Bunny Hop
- Auto Loot
- Auto Attack
- Auto Click
- Auto pot
- Auto Skill ( 1 Slot, automatically press a key for
a specific interval )
- Hide its window.
Hotkey settings:
F9 - Toggle Bunny Hop
F10 - Toggle Auto Loot
F11 - Toggle Auto Attack
F12 - Toggle Auto Click
NumPad1 - Toggle Auto Potting
NumPad2 - Set HP Position ( move your mouse to
wherever you want it to be )
NumPad3 - Set MP Position ( same as above )
NumPad Addition - Speed up auto clicker by a
few millisecond
NumPad Subtraction - Slow down auto clicker by
a few millisecond
Ctrl+Alt+F8 - Show and Hide MzBot
Maple Key setting:
Jump key - Alt
Attack key - Ctrl
Loot key - "Z"
Auto Skill key - "N"
HP Pot - 9
MP Pot - 0
Auto Skill:
Just put the interval in millisecond into the box
below Auto Skill checkbox then check it to
- Do not alt+tab when some feature is on, you
will screw up, and it's your fualt, stupid
- If you use CE, start CE first, then start MzBot.
( Or there will be error. )
- To ensure you are not getting a trojan-ed
version of MzBot, verify the file size and md5
Debug Features:
View them in Debug View. ( Regarding Auto
Potting )

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