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Maple Story Hack Guide

v39 iCheat 1.3 (Status: WORKING)
The new patch does not mean there is no hacks!
With this engine, and the right .CEM and .ct file, the following things will WORK:
Working Godmode
Working CRC Bypass
Working Pin Unrandomizer
Working Unlimited Attack
Working Perfect Breath
Working Item VAC
Working Instant Drop
Working Super Tubi.

STEP 1: Download iCheat1.3, and extract everything to one folder.
The .CEM file and .CT file MUST be in the same folder or else this won't work. (REMEMBER TO USE EMERT.CT!)
STEP 2: Open iCheat.exe, and let it load everything. If you see a lot of errors, just click ok, yes, or continue. Once it's on the actual cheat engine, open up Emert.ct. (It should do this automatically, but if not go to Cheat Table -> Open CT on top)
STEP 3: The .ct file should now be open. NOTE: This auto attaches to Maplestory.exe!
IMPORTANT STEP! READ CAREFULLY: Now with the ct file open, and everything ready, open up Maplestory.exe. That new patcher screen will pop up. LEAVE IT THERE! Do not click play yet. Now go back to the engine, and check the first 3 sections, besides Swear and Item Filter in the 3rd section.
Once you checked those, wait a little bit. After about 2-3 minutes, close the cheat engine, and press Play.
STEP 4: Login as you normally would. If you notice the pin numbers are staying still, then it is working.
This DOES WORK (Or for me at least).

Cakepub3 (or known as MzBot) is a simple, and useful tool. It has many features like auto pot, auto skill, auto attack, and much more.
The readme is as follows:

MzBot v1.2.0 Debug

- Bunny Hop
- Auto Loot
- Auto Attack
- Auto Click
- Auto pot
- Auto Skill ( 1 Slot, automatically press a key for
a specific interval )
- Hide its window.

Hotkey settings:
F9 - Toggle Bunny Hop
F10 - Toggle Auto Loot
F11 - Toggle Auto Attack
F12 - Toggle Auto Click
NumPad1 - Toggle Auto Potting
NumPad2 - Set HP Position ( move your mouse to
wherever you want it to be )
NumPad3 - Set MP Position ( same as above )
NumPad Addition - Speed up auto clicker by a
few millisecond
NumPad Subtraction - Slow down auto clicker by
a few millisecond
Ctrl+Alt+F8 - Show and Hide MzBot

Maple Key setting:
Jump key - Alt
Attack key - Ctrl
Loot key - "Z"
Auto Skill key - "N"
HP Pot - 9
MP Pot - 0

Auto Skill:
Just put the interval in millisecond into the box
below Auto Skill checkbox then check it to

- Do not alt+tab when some feature is on, you
will screw up, and it's your fualt, stupid
- If you use CE, start CE first, then start MzBot.
( Or there will be error. ) (Ignore this)
- To ensure you are not getting a trojan-ed
version of MzBot, verify the file size and md5

Debug Features:
View them in Debug View. ( Regarding Auto
Potting )

Xterminators Engine
This engine comes equipped with ice.ct and duffyv38.ct to use. They are very easy to use and include the most common hacks like:
-Working CRC Bypass
-Pin Unrandomizer
-dICE (barely dc's on ice.ct)
and much more.
Xterminators engine auto-attaches to maplestory, so it saves the trouble of using process watcher.
This tool is used to bypass Maplestory's cheat detection system GameGuard (or known as GG).
This easy to use tool does some method of deleting the GG files when it attempts to connect to
This version works for the current Maplestory version, and GG version.
Dxwnd MS Window Mode Program
This program is probably my favorite when it comes to making games in windowed mode.
This program automatically searches for DirectX games that cannot be put in window mode, and lists them.
If you see your Maplestory path, just double click it in the list, and your game will run in windowed mode.
Note: The game may look a little blurry or somewhat similar to that. Just live with it.
How to hack MS (TUTORIAL)
Now that all the tools are here, ready to use, let's get to the hacking part.
If you are one of those hackers, wanting to hack MS so bad, but doesn't want to go through all that trouble? Well you have come to right place!
Now, make sure you download all 4 tools, or else this won't work. (Dxwnd (Window Mode) IS OPTIONAL!
If you follow these simple steps, you should be able to hack your way into MS!
Now let's start.
Step 1: Place all four tools on your desktop in one little area. Extract all .rar folders, etc.
Step 2: Open up cakepub3.exe. IF it asks for a password, just hit the space bar, and enter. (THE PASS IS " " A TAP ON THE SPACE BAR)
If all goes well, you should be greeted with the picture of MzBot as posted above.
Step 3: Minus MzBot, and open up Xterminators Engine from the extracted folder. Once opened, do not touch any settings. They should already be set as is.
Now look for the little folder icon on top of the Engine. Once pressed, head to your Xterminator Engine folder, and open ice.ct.
You should now have the hacks listed on the bottom, remember, DO NOT TICK (CHECK) ANY BOXES YET!
Step 4: Open your dHTTPd folder, and open the dhttpd.exe file. It should bring up a black little window with some text. Just go ahead and minus that.
NOTE: If the black window appears, but disappears right away, restart your computer. It's a common error.
Step 5:[Optional]: Open up dxwnd.exe if you want to run in windowed mode (much easier to use hacks, and etc). Once opened, you should see your MapleStory.exe path listed in the list.
Kindly double click that, and Maplestory should be starting up.
Step 6: Now, once you double click it, head back to Xterminators engine right away while GG is loading. Maplestory will be auto-attached. The next step MUST BE DONE before the black screen to MapleStory appears.
Step 7: In Xterminators Engine, tick (or check)
-CRC (It should check the other one automatically)
-NO BREATH (It should check the other one automatically as well)
-GODMODE (It should check those 5 boxes in that section).
If all goes well, and this is all done before the black screen of Maplestory, good job! If not, repeat step 5-7.
Now, if you did follow Step 7 correctly, then we can go ahead and test this.
Kindly login with your username and password to maple.
To make sure it works, once your putting in your pin, look to see if the numbers and letters are staying still. If so, you have ticked it just in time.
Put in your pin, and enter the game.
You should also now have godmode.
Good job! Getting closer to becoming an MS Hacker!
Using dICE
If you don't know what dICE is, then listen up.
dICE is a hack that acts like a vacuum. It sucks all the monsters into a spot close to yourself.
This is great for using splash attack skills.
Now you should be ingame with godmode, pin unrandomizer, and all those working.
Stand in 1 spot with no people on the map. Make sure there are monsters.
Head back to Xterminators Engine, and go to the section that has:
-RDice(Ranged Dice [For Ranged Users])
-MDice(Melee Dice [For Melee Users])
Once ready to use, tick SWV. DO NOT TICK BOOL. Your Bool's value should change to either some random number, or simply 1. If so, it is working so far.
NOW, when the Bool's value is 0, tick either MDice or RDice according to your class or what you need.
DO NOT TICK RDICE AND MDICE. And remember, Bool DOES NOT NEED TO BE TICKED. IF you do, it will screw it up.
Once you check RDICE or MDICE, the monsters should be close to you. Congratualtions! You are now hacking.
Remember, do not move around with dICE activated. If you want to move after using dICE, you will need to disconnect, uncheck SWV and the MDice or RDice, and reconnect.
MzBot - Thanks to Zuan aka John0312
Xterminators Engine - Thanks to Xterminator himself!
dHTTPd - Thanks to d.vel.oper.
Sxwnd - Thanks to the creators of this program!
Hacking + dICE Guide - Written all by Fook. Thanks to myself :).


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